Our 2024 Family Wellbeing Index

At FamilyWise, we walk alongside families and communities as they work to do better for themselves, for each other, and for future generations. Over the past year, our staff have been working more intensively with families to help them gain stability in

 the face of deep challenges. We have increasingly seen families in crisis waitlisted for critical supports like childcare assistance and mental health services.

Our 2024 Family Wellbeing Index examines these and other issues affecting families using a combination of statewide data and stories from the experience of our participants, staff, and partners. The data show that despite policy improvements, fundamental sources of family wellbeing continue to be out of reach for many Minnesota families, and disproportionately so for American Indian and Black households due to past and present systemic racism. These problems present opportunities – there is more that we can all do, personally and professionally, to support the wellbeing of families in our communities.  It is only when we name and understand these inequalities that we can begin to dismantle them. 

This report is an invitation to learn more about factors that contribute to thriving families and how you can help families in your community. When families are safe and strong, communities are healthy and resilient. Together we can create supportive communities and improve the lives of all Minnesota families.

This report is being published in April in recognition of Child Abuse Prevention Month, with the hope of contributing to the conversation about how all of us, both personally and professionally, can support the wellbeing of Minnesota children and families.

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You can learn more about Child Abuse Prevention Month at FamilyWise by visiting our Child Abuse Prevention Month page.