When you give to FamilyWise, you become part of our extended family, with every dollar building circles of care around the parents and children we support. Contributions like yours ensure that more families will thrive in FamilyWise programs, from parent education to young-parent mentoring to supervised parenting.

Make a One-Time Donation

Your gift today gives families and communities the tools to create healthy futures for their kids.

Donate Your Birthday or Other Celebration

Celebrate a milestone by creating a fundraiser that supports FamilyWise.

Donate Items to Families

We have ongoing needs for a range of items as part of our services and programs for families. We also accept gift cards of all kinds and amounts!

Sponsor a FamilyWise Event

Event sponsorship is a wonderful way to build a meaningful partnership with FamilyWise and bring more resources to the children and caregivers we support.

Donate Stock

It’s easy to set up a transfer of stock (or other appreciated property) to FamilyWise. To get started, call us at 612-877-7852 or send us an email.

Leave a Legacy

Planned giving (through wills, living trusts, and more) is a meaningful way to support the FamilyWise mission. Email or call 612-877-7852 to talk through options.