Bright Beginnings

Bright Beginnings: Support for Young Parents

Young parents need extra tools and resources to take care of their babies and themselves. As a steadying force and safety net, Bright Beginnings equips two generations at once, setting you and your kids up for long-term success.

"Because of the work I did with FamilyWise, I am trusting of people, I'm more confident, and I'm the best parent I can be." - Bright Beginnings participant Diamond, mother of Mason

Our Bright Beginnings Young Parent Mentoring program includes case management support from FamilyWise staff, as well as one-to-one mentoring for pregnant and parenting youth and young adults. Young people are matched with caring, supportive adult mentors who connect with parents weekly by phone and in person twice a month. Once a quarter, mentors and mentees attend workshops featuring goal setting, arts and crafts, recreation, and guest speakers. Young parents’ program goals include participation in all well-baby check-ups and continuing their education. 

Bright Beginnings Participants

Bright Beginnings mentor Kelley recently reconnected with FamilyWise to share her long-term commitment to Tika, who Kelley began mentoring a decade ago. Once Kelley was matched with Tika, then in her third trimester, the pair built trust over time, leading up to the birth of Tika’s daughter Imahni. Kelley was able to coach Tika through a number of positive parenting moments, including setting up Imahni with dental care, doing healthy, cost-effective grocery shopping, and encouraging Tika to get involved at Imahni’s school.

Over time, Kelley says, the pair built a relationship that made them feel like “extended family members.” While the Bright Beginnings program technically lasts a year, Kelley, Tika, and Imahni’s bond is now going on 10. Today, Tika has a steady job and she and Imahni live in their own apartment, which Kelley recently visited to celebrate Imahni turning nine. “I really care about Tika being successful and taking care of herself because when she takes care of herself, she takes care of her baby. She’s had a lot of challenges, but she’s overcome them.”


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