Prevent Child Abuse

Prevention of Child Abuse in Communities

Prevention is an essential part of keeping children safe and supporting families’ well-being. Prevention is more than reducing the risk of abuse, violence, and other traumatic family experiences -- it is empowering families with knowledge and skills to rewrite their own narrative. When we offer families and communities both prevention and intervention programs, parents and children can use those tools—along with their own voice and choice—to build healthy futures for both generations.

Understanding the Issue

FamilyWise is committed to connecting families and the wider community to resources that explain the roots and impact of child abuse, and how we can work to prevent it.

Every Day Actions

FamilyWise offers five steps you can take to prevent child abuse today.

Child Abuse Prevention Month

As the leader of Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota, FamilyWise is committed to National Child Abuse Prevention Month each April.

Community Partners in Prevention

Connect with several partners that are working to prevent child abuse in your community.

Resources for Communities

Find additional information on self-healing communities, trauma-informed and adverse childhood experiences for communities looking to work together to prevent child abuse.

Prevent Child Abuse America

Learn more about nationwide initiatives by Prevent Child Abuse America to prevent ACEs and child abuse from happening. FamilyWise serves as the Minnesota Chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America.