Parent Education and Support

Parent Education and Support

Parenting is hard—under any circumstances—and we can all use support! 

By connecting with FamilyWise's Parent Education program, Desiree began finding the tools to overcome obstacles. Using one of our laptops, she applied for a promotion online—and got it. Meanwhile, our Parent Education sessions helped her feel more secure in her choices and decisions. Now, she says, “I feel much more confident that I can parent on my own.”

FamilyWise offers a variety of parent education and support services that include coaching and case management to support parents in caring for their children. These services strengthen parent-child relationships, offer parenting tips, increase parents’ confidence in their parenting skills, teach parents self-care and co-parenting skills, and reduce risk for abuse. 


Availability of this programming depends on where you live and who may have referred you to FamilyWise. Review the programs listed below to explore which program is the right fit for you.

Parent Support Outreach Program (PSOP)

The Parent Support Outreach Program is a voluntary program that focuses on a family’s strengths and needs, and aims to help children and parents thrive.


In-Home Parent Education

FamilyWise in-home and virtual parent education services offer coaching and case management to strengthen parenting skills and improve parent-child relationships. 

1:1 Parent Coaching

Our sliding scale fee Parent Education sessions are one on one virtual sessions where you choose the timing, length and frequency of your sessions with the topics of your choosing.

Not sure which program works for you?

Reach out to our Parent Support Services Manager.

Brittany Seidel

Senior Director of Parenting Support Services