Resources for Communities

Resources for Communities

Find additional information on resources to prevent child abuse, to build self-healing communities, to understand trauma and adverse childhood experiences.

Trauma Informed Resources

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) take many forms—physical abuse, incarceration of a parent, substance abuse in the family—and create trauma that harms kids well into adulthood.

Protective Factors Resources

Protective factors—like building a network of natural supports—can help keep families strong and recover from trauma.

Self-Healing Communities Resources

FamilyWise takes a holistic approach to healing communities. Rather than address issues like domestic violence, youth substance, and other family challenges separately, the idea behind self-healing communities is to tackle them collectively, knowing they are often connected.

Natural Supports

Families who are supported by a network of friends and community members are more likely to break out of cycles of abuse, trauma, and poverty.