Spotlight on Family Fun

The end of summer and back to school might mean a shift in routines and schedules, but it is the perfect time to embrace the joy of spending time together as a family! When families connect and have fun together, it not only nurtures bonds between family members, but it builds wellbeing for individuals, families, and communities. Taking the time to slow down together can be a nice break from the chaos of the changing season.

Join FamilyWise in recognizing the significance of family bonding on wellbeing this August and September through our exciting event – the Family Fun Fest Scavenger Hunt. Whether you have your own traditions to share or are looking for new ways to have fun with your family and friends, you don’t want to miss out on this year’s Family Fun Fest. The week-long scavenger hunt celebrates and showcases family fun across all families – families with young children, adult children, groups of friends, and even furry family members can join in! 

To spotlight the different ways in which families have fun, we asked some of our staff members to share their personal family connection stories. From riding bikes to playing with bugs to rollerblading, staff showed off the unique ways families can spend time together. We hope to see you next month at Family Fun Fest and look forward to hearing about how your family and friends embrace fun!

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Britt’s family likes all things creepy crawly – including bugs.

Family of 2 adults and one child having fun rollerskating

Sharlene’s family enjoys travelling, spending time together, and rollerblading.

Family of 2 middle-aged adults and 1 twenty-year-old adult holding brooms on a curling rink

Mel’s family loves sports and takes time to watch and play them together. Favorites include soccer, hockey, and curling.

Kate’s family loves to go on bike rides, especially if it ends with ice cream from the local coffee shop.

Anna’s family loves to see the animals at the zoo and aquarium.