Family Fun Fest

Thanks for having fun with us!

All families are different, including what families do for fun. In September 2022 we held a week-long scavenger hunt celebrating and showcasing all kinds of family fun! Teams from across the state completed nearly 300 missions centered on wellness. Stay tuned for next year's Family Fun Fest event!

About Family Fun Fest 2022

Gather a team of family or friends to participate in enriching scavenger hunt activities using the free GooseChase app for iphone and android. We recommend teams of 4-6 players. Teams can participate from anywhere in Minnesota, at any time during the week-long event.

Discover new ways to enjoy time with family and friends in your community. Over the course of the week, teams complete fun and enriching “missions” that build connections. For some missions teams will submit funny photos or videos as evidence of completing missions, for others teams will respond to questions. New missions will be available daily throughout the week.


Share and be inspired via a live feed of teams having fun across Minnesota. As teams complete missions, they share and can see fun photos, videos, and responses from other teams playing across the state. It will be a digital community coming together to engage in and celebrate family fun!

Earn points to win exciting family-friendly prizes! Each mission is worth points, and teams with the most points at the end of the week will win prizes like gift cards and activity passes to family-friendly locations in different parts of the state.

Register today for a chance to win a prize from one of our event partners:

To view the full list of prizes and learn more about the activities, download our prize sheet.

Event proceeds strengthen Minnesota families through parent and community education and support services. 

Supporting the Event

You can help support Family Fun Fest by signing on as an event sponsor. Sponsorship can underwrite the costs of the event so that 100% of event donations will be used to empower parents and strengthen families. Sponsorship levels range from $2,500 to $250. Another way you can give is by contributing an in-kind event prize in the form of a coupon or gift card for a family-friendly activity. 

Learn more about sponsorship and in-kind donations.


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