Sneak Peek: 2022 Program Outcomes

After months of preparation, FamilyWise is excited to share a sneak peek of our 2022 program outcomes!  

Agency-wide, our organization served more than 4,500 individuals throughout Minnesota, including 1,595, children. Our direct service programs including Parent Support Programs, Wraparound, Supervised Parenting, and our Early Childhood Education Center, reached 1,333 families across 36 counties. This includes participants in 44 statewide Circle of Parents groups and 62 young parent families participating in our Bright Beginnings program. 

“I am very grateful that for the services provided through FamilyWise. I believe it has helped me become a better parent, and having a resource as a single parent is important in my child’s development.” — Parent Education Program participant 

Our prevention programs, NEAR Communities and Tribal NEAR communities, reached over 1,500 individuals statewide with educational training about NEAR Sciences (Neurobiology, Epigenetics, Adverse Childhood Experiences and Resilience), trained 59 people as Presenters on NEAR Science topics, and partnered with 3 tribal communities to support Indigenous healing and resiliency. Through More Resilient Minnesota we partnered with 35 Children’s Mental Health and Family Services Collaboratives statewide. 

“It was exciting to realize that just as trauma can be generational, so can healing. That realization, although accompanied with a lot of work, brings hope.” — Understanding NEAR and Historical Trauma Training Participant 

At FamilyWise, we know that informal supports such as family, friends, and neighbors are critical to the stability and wellbeing of families. In our Wraparound program we intentionally involve a family’s natural support system in setting goals and action plans in order to best understand the strengths and needs of the family, and set the family up for long-term success. We are proud to report that in 2022, nearly 70% of Wraparound participants’ support teams were made up of at least half informal supports. If you’d like to learn more about FamilyWise’s natural support model, check out our blog  post on the topic.  

Thank you to Niko Bjork and Cassandra Berg, our Evaluation Team, for their work compiling program outcomes and to all of our staff for their incredible work with families and communities. Stay tuned for more program outcomes in our 2022 Annual Report, which will be released this summer.  

Cassandra Berg

Cassandra Berg, Senior Evaluation Analyst

Niko Bjork, Development Associate