We are living in a particularly stressful moment in global history, and research shows us that there are simple daily practices that can help us self-regulate and support each other – even in stressful and uncertain times like these. Each day we will practice some tool for calming our
nervous system and integrating all the parts of our brain so we can be at our best in the challenges that we face. We will gather in community, share strengths from many cultures, and practice relationship building.

There’s been a lot of talk about “social distancing”. We’d like to think about “physical distancing” instead and hope this will be an opportunity to come together for social connection.  Together we can practice strengthening our Core Protective Systems that promote resilience — our individual skills and capabilities, Nuturing and Attachment, and Community, Culture and Spirituality. Our brain likes consistency and can experience uncertainty as a threat. We will practice in a regular format at a regular time to offer predictability. Even in this time of great uncertainty and change we can create pockets of routine.

FamilyWise has created a playlist on YouTube that can support your ability to Practice Resilience. Try it!