Lending Library Policies

Lending Library Policies

Library Borrowers

Library borrowers are categorized as Collaborative Coordinators of Collaboratives active in More Resilient Minnesota, and/or FamilyWise Services staff.

Identification and Check-out Materials

  • All library materials will be checked out at https://www.libib.com/u/familywise
  • Each borrower is responsible for material checked out in their name
  • Each borrower is responsible for keeping the library informed of contact/address changes

Loan Periods

Library materials may be checked out for a period of 45 days, and renewed for an additional 45-day period.

Fines and Charges

Library users will be expected to pay replacement costs for library items in the following situations:

  • An item is reported lost
  • An item is returned damaged, beyond reasonable wear and tear
  • An item is returned more than 14 days overdue

The user will receive an invoice from FamilyWise Services, requiring payment for the replacement cost of items in these situations. If payment is not received, borrowing privileges will be suspended until the replacement costs are paid.

Loan Limits

  • Each borrower may loan up to two items at any one time
  • Users will lose the right to loan new items until they have resolved outstanding fines
  • Borrowing privileges may be restored when all charges are cleared

Due Date

Library material is due at the end of the loan or renewal period. This date will be specified on the electronic transaction receipt.

Return of Library Material

Library material is considered returned when it is returned to the physical property of FamilyWise Services either through in-person drop off or via mail at:

FamilyWise Services
Attn: More Resilient Minnesota Lending Library
3036 University Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414 

Shipping and Returns

  • All shipping requests must be within Minnesota. FamilyWise Services will cover delivery shipping fees; however, return shipping fees must be covered by the Collaborative borrower.
  • Available items should arrive within 7-10 business days of check-out request


  • Library users may place holds on material that is checked out
  • If two or more holds exist on any material, then the order of priority for availability shall be based on a first-come, first-served basis

Renewal of Library Material

  • Any library material may be renewed once, unless a hold has been placed on the material
  • Material on which a fine is owed may not be renewed until the fine is paid
  • Material must be renewed before the due date
  • Library material can be renewed online at https://www.libib.com/u/familywise

Email Reminders About Due Dates

Users will receive automated email reminders about the lending due date on the following schedule:

  • 1 week prior to the due date
  • 1 day after the due date
  • 1 week after the due date
  • 2 weeks after the due date



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