Breakout Session 1

11:15-12:15 Breakout Session 1

  • Community and Government: Learning from New Jersey Resilience Work, Becky Dale and Kelli S. Puryear
    The NJ Office of Resilience (OoR) was created in June 2020, funded by the New
    Jersey ACEs Collaborative, an alliance of three NJ philanthropic organizations, in
    partnership with the NJ Department of Children and Families. OoR is led by an
    “Executive on Loan” – More Resilient Minnesota’s own long-time partner, Dave Ellis.
    Another long-time More Resilient Minnesota partner, Becky Dale, has been working
    with Dave to support the rollout of ACE Interface training and community resilience
    work in New Jersey. This first of its kind effort brings together the power of
    community voices with the support of government. In this workshop, Becky Dale and
    Kelli S. Puryear from the NJ OoR will share their experiences with the work in New
    Jersey. The New Jersey efforts have learned much from the Minnesota experience –
    and now More Resilient Minnesota can learn from and be inspired by New Jersey’s
    work, too!

  • Fostering Individual and Collective Healing Across the Generations, Suzanne Koepplinger
    We come into our vocations with unique gifts, passions, and wounds, which impact
    how we manage our daily exposure to suffering and toxic stress. Beginning the
    process of recognizing and interrupting individual and organizational habits can shift
    how we work and live, and what we are handing down to the next generation. Learn
    to strategically respond to events in ways that minimize the toll on our own health
    and create more resilient individuals and organizational cultures. This session will
    offer tools and insights into building culturally meaningful healing practices that
    interrupt the intergenerational flow of trauma and foster the transmission of wisdom
    across the generations.

  • Systems Change: Efforts at the State Level in Community-Level Prevention, Kelly Felton, Kris Haugen, Laura Bennett, and Nancy Riestenberg
    We know that an important part of systems change is transforming the policies,
    practices, and power dynamics that impact communities, families, and individuals.
    This panel will provide an overview of four state-led, cross-sector prevention efforts
    that are being implemented at the community level, including Suicide Prevention
    (MDH), Statewide Health Improvement Program (MDH), Restorative Practices (MDE),
    and Regional Prevention Coordinators (DHS). Panelists will highlight where efforts are
    active across the state, and how participants can get connected to these efforts in
    their local communities. In addition, panelists will share concrete examples of how
    their efforts are supporting community well-being, and how we might connect our
    efforts to have an even greater impact.