Susie Voss

Training Manager



Susie Voss is the current Training Manager at FamilyWise Services. She is a certified coach of High-Fidelity Wraparound and has been working in FamilyWise’s Wraparound program for the past 7 years. In her current role as Training Manager, Susie coaches and trains Wraparound staff across the state as well as within FamilyWise. She also supports Children’s Mental Health & Family Services Collaboratives in Hennepin County through the More Resilient Minnesota project and is working to become a Certified ACE Interface Presenter. Susie has been involved with Hennepin County’s Systems of Care work and is excited about systems work that puts power back in the hands of communities. Susie believes that individuals are the experts on their own lives and families, and that community members are the experts on their communities. She hopes to uplift individual and community voices through this work and brings skills in needs-identification, problem solving, and collaborative planning to the table.