Anna VonRueden

Chief Program Officer



Anna has worked with FamilyWise since 2013, serving as both the Family Services Manager and Youth Services Manager, as well as becoming a Credentialed Process Mentor in High-Fidelity Wraparound. Through these roles, Anna has gained extensive experience working with our county and community-based referring partners throughout all FamilyWise programming. She has become a well-known leader in the community, representing FamilyWise at the Ramsey County Children’s Mental Health Collaborative, Hennepin County Teen Parent Connection and the Ramsey County Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative.  
Anna attended UW-Eau Claire for criminal justice and began working with at-risk youth in 2004 within various treatment settings throughout Wisconsin before settling into Wraparound Milwaukee in 2008. She served as a member of the Wisconsin State Juvenile Justice Association for four years and as a supervisor for Wraparound Milwaukee from 2009 – 2013.