6th Annual Gathering Event Program

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Join us for the opening session where we will welcome attendees, introduce the vision and themes for this event, share the event acknowledgments and group agreements, provide an overview of More Resilient Minnesota and the Tribal NEAR and Community Wisdom Project, and orient attendees to the upcoming sessions, webpage, and join links for the event. (View session handouts)

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Youth have always been at the forefront of change; demanding that we are creating a just and equitable world. We will look to the past seeing what lessons we can learn from young people to be applied in 2023 and beyond. You will leave this keynote experience fired up with action steps and inspiration to celebrate youth today and we will do some imagining as to what is possible for the future.

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  • Youth-Adult Partnerships – Carlton County REACH Youth Advisory Board: Interested in learning how to engage youth, but don’t know where to start? How do you build youth and adult partnerships in community decision-making? In this session, we will hear from the organization REACH whose mission is to provide learning and leadership through youth-adult partnerships in Carlton County. We will learn from students on key issues facing their community and engage in small group discussions. (View session handouts) Click here for session – Passcode: 935288
  • Create Movement; Ripples for Community Wellness – Dr. Raj: Recognize touchpoints for community wellness: focus on thriving and growth. We will engage in understanding beyond data points… work to build a wellness and growth culture and being. Click here for session – Passcode: 468613
  • It’s Complicated: Youth, Technology, and Mental Health with Erin Walsh from the Spark and Stitch Institute: Every year young people’s relationship with screens intensifies as life moves online. Technology unleashes incredible opportunities for learning, connection, and youth participation and voice. At the same time, educators, mental health professionals, and parents alike are concerned about the impact of increased screen time on mental health. Using brain science, warmth, and humor, Erin Walsh will cut through conflicting messages to identify emerging risks as well as protective factors for digital wellbeing. Using youth perspectives and the latest evidence, Erin will walk you through topics like overuse, anxiety and depression, and attention. The nuanced relationship between screen time and mental health demands that we have a rigorous understanding of the challenges  and a commitment to engaging youth in creating solutions for improved digital wellbeing. (View session handouts) Click here for session – Passcode: 1234

This session will include introductions of Collaborative Coordinators and FamilyWise staff, provide an overview of Collaboratives and More Resilient Minnesota, highlight More Resilient Minnesota Resources (including the Collaborative Coordinator Portal/Slack, More Resilient Minnesota webpage, 100 Cups of Coffee Videos/Toolkit, recordings and related resources, Paper Tigers and Resilience Regional Licenses, and the lending library), share about the more Resilient Minnesota application process, and Becky Dale will share a new resource – Guide to Creating Community Resiliency Plans. (View session handouts)

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Choose one session below:

  • Bimaadiziwin – The Story of how Leech Lake Youth are reclaiming their culture and living in a good way.” with Gary Charwood, Josh Redday, and Gozi White: Hear shared stories of successes and what works to bring out the best in tribal youth on the Leech Lake Reservation. Click here for session – Passcode: 947794
  • Radical Hospitality: Youth Voice, Leadership and Collaboration with Lauren Williams (Marnita’s Table), Mary Sue Hansen (Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative (SRFC), and SRFC Youth Community Advisory Board Members: Curious about the WHAT, WHY and HOW of Youth Engagement? At this breakout session you’ll hear from Marnita’s Table, Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative (SRFC) and our Youth Advisors on why youth inclusion and leadership are so important to authentic community engagement.  You will learn about Marnita’s Table Intentional Social Interaction (IZI) model and how youth are critical to the model’s success.  You will also learn about key touchpoints of the model that make the difference for youth to develop relationships across differences, feel safe and affirmed so they can speak truth, and gain a sense of belonging to begin to build trust. You will hear what it really takes to honor and engage youth authentically while growing a sustainable practice that remains Youth-Led /Youth-Engaged. Get practical advice that you can use immediately.  In addition to sharing advice and examples, we will reveal the honest challenges and the growth opportunities that come with them.  (View session handouts) Click here for session – Passcode: 970922
  • 2022 Minnesota Student Survey Results: What We Heard from Young People, and How Communities are Partnering with Young People to Make Meaning Out of the Data with Jacquelyn Freund and Melissa Adolfson: The Minnesota Student Survey is a survey of young people conducted statewide every three years. Minnesota communities are starting to dig into their 2022 results. During this session, we will share what we have learned about the state of young people’s wellbeing. This includes trends for ACEs, mental health, substance use, and measures of resilience—the good news and the not-so-good news. We will also highlight three unique approaches Minnesota communities are using to engage young people in discussing and making meaning of the MSS results. These include youth advisory boards, youth data summits, and data parties. (View session handouts) Click here for session – Passcode: 1234

Join us for the closing session where we will share the FamilyWise Family Wellbeing Index, provide a mini-skills workshop offered by Peacemaker Resources focused on self-care through Social Emotional Learning, share a participant photo slideshow and survey, create a word cloud, and offer closing words. (View session handouts)

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