by Tribal N.E.A.R. Project

When we express gratitude, our brain releases two crucial chemicals dopamine and serotonin that make us feel happy. By practicing gratitude every day, we can help retrain our brain to create a permanent positive nature within ourselves which builds our inner strengths to remain resilient.

Ways to Cultivate Gratitude

Individual Practice

Keep a gratitude journal. Make it a routine to write down or share your thoughts with a loved one about everything you are thankful for each day . It might be helpful to pick a number such as three to five things to write about. Make sure to reflect on how these things made you feel when something positive happened.

Group Practice

Start a friend or family gratitude jar. Find a jar and make a routine for everyone to write at least three things they are grateful for each day on a slip of paper. Place this slip into the jar and then find a consistent time to share gratitude with each other. This could be around the dinner table or maybe at bed time. Make sure to reflect on the positive moments each day and have fun!