Our 2022 Annual Report

At FamilyWise, we approach our work with families and communities by recognizing and building on the strengths that already exist. Looking back at 2022, we celebrate how our agency has grown using that same approach; by focusing on our values and building on our unique strengths, we are advancing how we build understanding and connections across the state to improve the wellbeing of families. 

The last few years have shown how important community connections are to our wellbeing, and FamilyWise’s work highlights how we are cultivating community connections. From creating our inaugural 2022 Family Wellbeing Index to hosting our first Family Fun Fest Scavenger hunt to launching our Natural Supports Toolkit, there is no shortage of work being done to foster connections across our community. Creating partnerships such as providing Wraparound training in St. Louis County, rechartering FamilyWise as the home of Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota, and launching the second season of the Remembering Resilience podcast shows how important our partnerships are to the work that we do.

Read the full report to hear stories from participants, learn more about the communities we serve, and find out more about our work.

Read the full report here.