Our Collection

Our Collection

Community Resilience Initiatives Resources

  • Resilience Trumps ACEs – Community Action Manual: A practical guide to community action to reduce ACEs and foster Resilience in your community. The Community Action Toolbox and Building a Work Plan sections offer the lessons learned during our community mobilization work on ACEs and Resilience.
  • Building a Resilience Toolkit Strategy Kit: This unique 3-inch by 3-inch kit contains 12 resilience building blocks cards [2-inch by 2.5-inch card size] to develop a “habit of practice” for the six strategies – Claim my calm, Find my safe zone, Name my feelings, Build connections, Know my state, and Share my smile. When you add a die, you can then toss the die to see which of the six categories you will practice that day for a moment of mindfulness. You could even journal your reflection or doodle art that moment, step outside for a walking meditation, do a quick breathing exercise or shoulder/back stretch, and track your progress in achieving that habit.
  • Deluxe Resilience Games Kit – Adult Focused or Family Focused: This game kit was designed by Lincoln High School students as part of a skills-based class with the goal of helping other students learn to apply resilience strategies to daily life. This Kit features:
    • 9 hand-drawn and designed games (printed on heavy duty cardstock paper)
    • 2 additional games played without game boards
    • Instruction Booklet
    • 2 decks of Resilience Trumps ACEs ™ 52 card deck with Handbook
    • Markers, die, wood blocks, puzzle, party favor box, and labels to use with the various games
    • 2 additional games are detailed on pages 6 & 7 in Handbook
    • Durable muslin cotton storage bag to hold all items makes games kit extremely portable
  • Resilience Building Blocks Adult Focused Deck of Cards & Handbook: Available exclusively from the Community Resilience Initiative™, the deck includes 42 adult focused Resilience Building Blocks to help build resilience into our lives and the 10 ACE cards. The handbook explains the ACEs and Resilience information in brief content material, and describes each Resilience card.
  • Resilience Building Blocks Child Focused Deck of Cards & Handbook: Available exclusively from the Community Resilience Initiative™, the deck includes 42 child focused Resilience Building Blocks to help build resilience into our children’s lives.

Peacemaker Card Collections

The Peacemaker Card Boxes include all items below:

  • Grategory Cards: Clinical trials indicate that the practice of gratitude can lower blood pressure, improve immune function, and facilitate more efficient sleep. This set of 26 cards help people identify things that they are grateful for.
  • Child Needs & Feelings Cards: This set of cards has 26 feelings cards and 20 needs cards that can be used in many different ways to help children become more aware of their various feelings and needs.
  • Adult Needs & Feelings, Needs Cards: This set helps adults build their emotional vocabulary. These cards can be used to bring clarity when facing a difficult conversation or a challenging situation.
  • Breathing Strategy Card Deck: These colorful cards provide 26 fun and different ways to take deep breaths that help us regulate our emotions.
  • Needs Cards: This set of 21 cards displays large need words on the front side and lists feelings on the reverse side. These cards are useful in many settings to help build connection and community.

Films and Documentaries

  • AVA ACE Study Film: This DVD contains the most comprehensive description of the ACE Study findings and replications of those findings among a general population sample in Washington State and other similar findings from large nationally representative samples. The DVD features plenary addresses by the ACE Study Co-Investigators, Drs. Vincent Felitti and Rob Anda, along with discussion by Dr. Frank Putnam, an internationally renowned childhood trauma researcher and child psychiatrist.