Supervised Parenting FAQ

Supervised Parenting services are opening up very slowly. Currently, we have no openings for exchanges. Our team will be calling program participants in the next week or two to communicate new scheduled visits as days, dates and times may have changed due to our new policies and procedures.

Has your provider closed down?

FamilyWise is “open” for virtual Supervised Parenting & services!

To get started or learn more, email our Supervised Parenting Manager or call 612.877.7846.

How are the payments handled for supervised parenting & safe exchange services?

There is an initial non-refundable registration fee of $50. The initial costs and future payments for these services are determined during the intake evaluation or by the referring agency.

Are activities available during the time I spend with my children at our supervised visit?

We offer a family-friendly environment, which, depending on the location, may include a kitchen, toys and games, video games, game room, and playground.

How do I get services started?

Call to obtain the intake paperwork via fax, e-mail or USPS at 612.877.7846. There is a $50 non-refundable registration fee payable on-line. When returning the registration forms include any court documents you may have. Be prepared to discuss your circumstances, which level of service may be right for you and prior to service you will be asked for a copy of your current picture ID. For child welfare agency cases, ask your county worker for a referral to FamilyWise. 

Do you have any resources for navigating the family court system?

Supervised Visitation Directory this recourse uses a program called Optimal for information management regarding all aspects of custody time and attendance, custody calendar and more! for parents who need to create a parenting plan. The parenting plans are approved in 50 states and there are multiple plans to choose from such as military, interstate, phase plans, and plans that can be designed unique to a family’s needs.

Contact Us for More Information and Scheduling Questions and referrals can be emailed to our Supervised Parenting Manager or call 612.877.7846

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