Supervised Parenting

Supervised Parenting Services are currently being offered as center-based services in Saint Paul and Minneapolis. 

The first step in the process is to complete the registration form and submit via e-mail or fax as specified directly on the form.  Once your registration form is received, you can expect a call within three (3) business days from an intake staff who will talk you through the next steps in the process.

The following are current services being offered:
– Supervised parenting at the 1:1/high level
– Therapeutic Supervised Parenting
– Virtual Supervised Parenting

Contact Us for More Information and Scheduling 

Questions and referrals can be emailed to our Program Manager or call 612.877.7846.

FamilyWise Supervised Visitation Space Minneapolis



  • Supportive Interactions
  • Flexible Hours (daytime, evening, weekends)
  • Kitchen Space For Meal Preparations
  • Private Rooms
  • Separate Entrances and Staggered Arrival/Departure
  • Community and In Home Visitation
  • Outdoor Play Area
  • Multiple Sites
  • Spaces Adapted For All Ages

FamilyWise is a member of the Supervised Visitation Network. Our services allow families to rebuild and strengthen relationships in a safe, confidential and observed environment.

List Of Service Options

Monitored Exchanges (Currently, we have no openings for exchanges.)

($28) Parents seeking to transfer their children from one parent to the other without having contact. Exchanges are supervised and performed by staff seven days a week. Staff document each exchange.

The following services are offered in 1 hour increments

One on One: ($67) Individual visit monitor who is present throughout the session and may provide parent coaching. Private room preferred but not required. Staff document each visit.

Group: ($45) Shared visit monitor, visitation occurs in an open space amongst other families. Staff document each visit.

Transitional: ($23) Families may be in a private or group space with a shared monitor who provides 15-minute check ins. Visits are document by request only.

Therapeutic: ($75) Qualified visit monitor provides therapeutic interventions to improve the parent/child relationship in a safe and private space. We actively engage in assisting parents and children in re-establishing, or forming, a healthy and safe relationship.

FAQ about Supervised Parenting at FamilyWise

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