Presenter Demonstrations

Presenter Demonstrations

Congratulations on completing your ACE Interface Presenter Candidate paperwork and your first two (or more) presentations! The final step to completing certification is to schedule a Presenter Demonstration Session with a FamilyWise staff member. This page provides information on what to expect at the Presenter Demonstration session.


Once you have reached a comfort level with the content in each section of the core ACE Interface presentation and are ready to demonstrate your presentation skills, please sign-up for a Presenter Demonstration Session. The purpose of this demonstration is for FamilyWise staff (the ACE Interface license host) to get a sense of how you are presenting the slides, ensure that the key points are being covered in each slide, and to provide you with developmental and strengths-based feedback about your presentation skills.

We firmly believe that you want to convey the key points of the presentation, honor the fidelity of the presentation while presenting in your own voice and engage and tailor the content for different audiences. The role of FamilyWise is to provide support so you can do this and reach Certification.

How do I sign up for a Presenter Demonstration Session?

You can sign-up for a one-hour Presenter Demonstration Session by reviewing the FamilyWise Services staff availability. Once you identify a time that works for you, please email the staff person directly to schedule the Demonstration Session with them.

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What should I expect at the Presenter Demonstration Session?

Plan and prepare to present 9 slides from the Core Slide Deck outlined below. Note that the slide numbers below correspond with the slide numbers from the Core Slide Deck.

  • Slide #7 – Benevolent/Malevolent Worlds –– required
  • Slide #11 – Stress Interpretations can Differ –- required
  • Slide #13 OR #14 -ACEs Influence Gene Expression OR Epigenetics & Enduring Health– choose one of these options
  • Slide #16 – ACEs Pyramid – required (Be sure to acknowledge the Historical Trauma/Intergenerational Adversity base of the pyramid, even though this is not mentioned in the key points)
  • Slide #18 OR Slide #19 – ACEs are Common OR ACE Score – choose one of these options
  • Slide #21 – ACEs, Smoking & Lung Disease – required
  • Slide #29, #30, #31, OR#32 – Core Protective Systems Slides – choose one of these options
  • Slide #33 – Community Capacity Development – required
  • Slide #34 – Cultural Respect & Continuity is Vital – required


Immediately after you present, you will share self-feedback on the slides you presented, including: 2-3 specific growth points/notes about what you will continue to work on/refine AND 2-3 strengths/notes about what you did well. You can also provide FamilyWise feedback about the demonstration and certification process more broadly. FamilyWise staff will provide feedback to you about 2-3 specific growth points and 2-3 strengths/notes about what you did well.

What should I expect AFTER the Presentation Demonstration Session?

Within one week of the Presenter Demonstration Session, the FamilyWise staff you met with will follow-up with you via email and let you know if you are Approved for ACE Interface Presenter Certification and are ready to receive a Certified ACE Interface Presenter certificate OR if there are any growth areas that need to be addressed before being approved for certification.

If this is the case, you can continue to work towards certification! We encourage you to work on addressing those areas and recommend that you schedule a follow-up Presenter Demonstration Session within a month of the first Demonstration to finish the process.

What are FamilyWise staff looking for at the Presenter Demonstration Session?

At the Presenter Demonstration Session, the FamilyWise Services staff will be checking to see if you touch on the following:

  • Key Points are addressed on each slide
  • Slides are presented in an engaging way
  • The fidelity of the curriculum/material is upheld: this means that any personal stories & additional research/sources you share: Link to the Key Points, Reflect Habits of Mind (Respect, Curiosity, Openness, Reflectiveness, Perseverance), Additional Sources/Research is cited & referenced