Lead a parent support group

Lead a Parent Support Group

FamilyWise is proud to be the Minnesota chapter of the national Circle of Parents program. Circle of Parents’ peer-led support groups bring parents together to share challenges and successes and build resilience.

Are you interested in leading a Circle of Parents group?

FamilyWise provides all the training you need to get started and be successful. Using hands-on activities, discussion, and resources, our workshops give you the tools to lead, covering a range of key topics, including:

  • Childhood development
  • Advocacy
  • Resilience
  • Community resources

Reach out to the FamilyWise regional coordinator in your area or sign up for a virtual Circle of Parents training here: Circle of Parents 2023 Training Series

Barb Sorum

Director of Prevention Initiatives - Southern Region


Jenna Schmidt

Director of Prevention Initiatives – Northern Region


Lisa Deputie

Director of Prevention Initiatives - Twin Cities Metro