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Be a Family Fun Fest sponsor

Event sponsorship is a wonderful way to become part of the FamilyWise community, giving your business or organization the opportunity to support our work while also building a meaningful partnership.

When you sponsor our Family Fun Fest fundraiser, your investment underwrites event costs so that we can put all Fun Fest donations directly into strengthening our programs that empower parents and families. FamilyWise will also promote your sponsorship before, during, and after the event.

What is Family Fun Fest?

Family Fun Fest is a month-long fundraiser that celebrates coming together and building family bonds through creativity and fun. When you join Family Fun Fest, you not only get to have your own family fun — you’re also supporting our programs that keep children safe and help families lead stable, healthy lives. No matter the makeup of your family ( friends, relatives, kids, pets!), you can participate in Family Fun fest.

Join the Fun

On September 20, FamilyWise will launch an online silent auction that is all about family fun. Whether your family likes sports, movies, games, crafts, getting Outdoors, or giving back to the Community, there are auction items for you. You can also donate auction items and purchase family fun fest Activity packs for FamilyWise Families, giving the gift of fun to families dealing with the stress of poverty, family violence, racism, and more.

Be a Sponsor

Sponsorship can underwrite the cost of family fun fest so that 100% of donations can be used to support our programs to Strengthen families! Sponsors will be recognized in a variety of ways, including online promotions reaching over 5, 000
Individuals, recognition in each Family fun fest activity pack, and a set of activity packs to give to Families of your choice.

Kate Bailey

Chief Development Officer


Ann Gaasch

Chief Executive Officer