Stephanie Mickelson

Volunteer/Intern Coordinator



Steffie Mickelson joined the FamilyWise team as an intern in 2012, and was hired on as a staff member in 2014. She is the current Volunteer/Intern Coordinator and Maintenance Coordinator, where she oversees the outreach, hiring, and onboarding for all volunteers and interns as well as doing general administrative and facilities duties. Prior to entering this role, she served in the Supervised Visitation Program for six years. Steffie has pursued training in areas of trauma informed care, mental health, first aid, and crisis intervention training.

Outside of FamilyWise, Steffie volunteers her time as an intern for the app HearMe and serves on the Minnesota Alliance for Volunteer Advancement (MAVA) Volunteer Voice Committee. She holds an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Liberal Arts from Inver Hills Community College, and Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services from Metro State University, and is currently pursuing a Master of Social Work Degree from Walden University.