From Young Parents:

I have learned how to be a better parent to my child. I have learned what to expect from my child and what is best for her.

I learned how to bond with my baby better. And how to deal with stress. I learned how to treat her better and take care of her needs better.

From a Mother in the Family Focus Program:

The day I started was very scary because I knew I had to begin dealing with all my demons that were hidden inside of me. I didn’t show my feelings or tell anyone how I was feeling. I was very angry, defensive.

As I began to open up, I realized that no one was trying to hurt me, and they were really trying to help me. It was a good feeling to learn that there are people in this world who really care about me and my well-being. The more I came, the more I was changing for the best. I started to become a better parent and role model for my child. I’m a better person, and I am conscious of not allowing the same situation to occur again. I can now recognize warning signs.  

I’ve also gotten a lot of help obtaining resources for housing, job skills, job seeking, and places to go if I need help with everyday needs. I am a very changed individual. I have grown a lot as a parent. I want to thank everyone for the help, time, support, and a chance to change in their program.

From a Mentor in the Young Parenting Program:

I wanted to be an example for girls to show them that they don’t have to remain stuck in the situation they are in and that they can become successful women.

From a past board member:

The first time I supervised a parent visit was at the annual client holiday party. For most of them this was the only celebration the children would have with their non-custodial parent, it was a big day. It was incredible to see the children’s eyes light up when they saw their parent. I realized that all of these children were just like mine. I had to fight back tears the majority of the day, only because of the happiness and excitement I was able to witness. Both the staff and volunteers are so passionate, giving, and dedicated.

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