In 2012, Genesis II for Families and Children’s Safety Centers merged under the name FamilyWise Services. While our name is new, we have a long history through our two successful predecessors.

We began as the Criminal Justice Project in 1976, becoming the first community-based corrections program for women in Minnesota. In 1979, Genesis II for Women incorporated as a private, comprehensive, non-profit human service agency. In 2003, the organization changed its name to “Genesis II for Families” to better reflect the services being offered to whole families. After the merger of the two organizations in January 2012, rebranding was launched in May 2012, and is now called FamilyWise. FamilyWise has expanded over the years, now offering a comprehensive array of family strengthening programs to help families overcome the many challenges faced in being a whole, healthy family.

Children’s Safety Center was formed in 1991 to facilitate safe and structured supervised visitation and safe exchange services for families affected by crisis and safety concerns. Children’s Safety Center is a respected leader in supervised visitation, has played a pivotal role in the drafting of both state and federal legislation for visitation programs, and founded the Minnesota Chapter of the Supervised Visitation Network.

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