What does FamilyWise do?

We provide programs and services to support children, youth and families in making the changes necessary to live healthier and more effective lives.

Who does FamilyWise serve?

We serve children, youth and adults across Minnesota. Many of the individuals served have experienced trauma or family disruption and want to make positive changes in their lives.

Does FamilyWise serve men?

Yes. In 2011, FamilyWise provided services to 503 fathers in programs such as: Supervised Parenting, Parent Education, Young Parent Education, Wrap Around Services and Independent Living Skills.

Services include education and support for:

• Dads who are new to parenting
• Dads parenting after a change in family status
• Single dads looking for parent tips
• Dads who want to be more active in their children’s lives
• Dads looking to increase contact with their children
• Dads who have not seen their kids in a long time
• Isolated dads
• Dads without a strong support system
• Dads who are rebuilding relationships with their children

Does FamilyWise provide housing?

No, we do not provide housing, but staff will connect clients to other organizations who can provide or help find housing.

Does FamilyWise help people find jobs?

Our staff supports and helps clients with their goals. Client goals may include finding a job or housing; however, we do not offer walk-in or telephone support services to the public in these areas.

How do I register for a program?

Contact the staff listed or download referral information from our programs page.

Where is FamilyWise located?

We provide services statewide.

Our main office is at 3036 University Avenue SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414 in the Prospect Park neighborhood, phone: 612.617.0191. See Main Office Map & Directions for details.

We also have satellite locations in St. Paul, Albert Lea, Walker, and Duluth, Minnesota.

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