About Us

About Us

Since 1976, FamilyWise has pursued our mission: to strengthen families by promoting the safety, stability, and wellbeing of children. Our vision is for a world where every child thrives.

Our Approach

With a focus on equity, FamilyWise supports the voice and choice of families as they grow their resilience, strength, and connection to achieve their goals.

Our Leadership Team

The FamilyWise leadership team includes caring experts with years of experience in family services, counseling, and supporting youth and families involved in the criminal justice system.

Our Programs

Our programs help families build resilience, identify and harness their strengths, and connect to other resources. We provide a continuum of services and a circle of care that wraps around families to keep them safe and healthy.

Our History

FamilyWise was founded in 1976 to keep children safe and help families lead stable, healthy, and productive lives.

Annual Report and Financials

Read our annual report and review FamilyWise financial documents.