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Bright Beginnings Young Parent Program

FamilyWise’s Young Parent program offers pregnant and parenting youth and young adults the opportunity to increase parenting skills, social skills, independent living skills and pregnancy prevention as well as awareness of physical, chemical and mental health.

The group component of the program consists of weekly sessions with teaching methods that include lecture, group discussion, problem solving, videos, role-playing, art projects, and hands-on activities. Groups are held at FamilyWise, community organizations and schools, please call for a current schedule. Groups are open and tailored to the location they serve in terms of number of sessions and focus. Youth are also provided case management services and one to one or in home sessions as needed.

The program also includes a parent-child interaction coaching component to:

• Enhance parent-child relationships
• Improve parenting skills
• Decrease problematic behaviors observed in the child
• Reduce risk for child abuse


Participants must be pregnant or parenting mothers or fathers age 12-21 who have the desire to develop their parenting and independent living skills. Youth currently on probation, living in out-of-home placement, or are part of family systems involved with child protection or probation are also eligible.


This program is free to participants.

Contact Information

Email questions and referrals to our Youth Services Program Manager or call 612.877.7835. Please send faxes to 612.617.0193. To make a referral, please complete our Youth Services Referral Form.

Bright Beginnings Young Parent Mentoring Program

FamilyWise’s Bright Beginnings program consists of one-to-one mentoring for pregnant and parenting youth and young adults. Young women are matched with caring, supportive adult mentors for one year or more. Mentors contact the teens weekly by phone and have in-person visits two times per month. Goals for mentees include participation in all well-baby check-ups and continuing their education. Mentors assist with these goals and help the teen access community resources.

Once per quarter the mentors and mentees attend a workshop that involves goal setting, arts and crafts, recreation and learning from a community speaker or staff about a life skill or parenting topic chosen by the mentees. Mentors typically provide mentees transportation to the workshops. Mentees receive case management support from staff, a caring relationship with a mentor, and peer support.


Participants who are pregnant or parenting young women ages 13-21 years old. The program is voluntary but a minimum of one-year commitment is requested.


This program is free to participants.

Contact Information

Email questions and referrals to our Youth Services Program Manager or call 612.877.7835. Please send faxes to 612.617.0193. To make a referral, please complete our Youth Services Referral Form.


To become a mentor to a teen mom, email our Volunteer Coordinator or call 612.877.7826. Please send faxes to 612.617.0193.


High Fidelity Wraparound Services

High Fidelity Wraparound is a service intended to prevent out-of-home placement for youth who are being considered for placement in correctional facilities or residential treatment facilities. High Fidelity Wraparound helps create a plan for the family to continue to receive support from the community after social services end. As part of the program, the family creates a vision–identifying needs, goals, and steps to achieve those goals–and increases its support network by identifying specific people in the community who can help. A FamilyWise Wraparound Facilitator works with the family and team members involved in the plan to follow up on goals. This process continues until the family feels stable and supported enough to coordinate the wraparound process on its own.


Participants must be referred through Hennepin County Children’s Mental Health, Child Protection Services, Juvenile Corrections, Ramsey County Juvenile Probation, Washington County Department of Human Services or a caring professional working with a youth not involved in the departments listed above. 


This program is free to participants.

Contact Information

For questions, email our Youth Services Program Manager or call 612.877.7835. Please send faxes to 612.617.0193.


Teen Groups

Tuesday Mornings: 8:40-9:40am,  North Education Center: 5530 Zealand Ave, North Brooklyn Center

Tuesday Evenings: 4:00-6:00pm, Youth Link: 41 12th Ave., North Minneapolis

Wednesday Afternoons: 1:20-2:30pm,  Brooklyn Center Academy: 5910 Shingle Creek Parkway, Brooklyn Center ( behind MN School of Business)

Wednesday Evenings: 5:00-7:00pm, Emerge: 4643 Lyndale Ave., North Mpls

Thursday Evenings: 6:00-8:00pm, Life Haven: 25 Jenkins Ave, St. Paul

All welcome!

Contact: Bertha Ashford,  612-877-7834

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