We are family.

Many of us rely on our own family when we need help. But what if your family is not there for you? What do you then? Often, FamilyWise becomes that family that can help in times of crisis.

That’s what happened with the Taber family. They came to Minnesota after fleeing their war-torn country in hopes of a better life. They were eager to work, learn English and do whatever it takes to earn their way and give their son a real home. Unfortunately, things didn’t fall into place like they had hoped. Facing eviction, they found their way to FamilyWise.

One of our staff workers was able to connect the family with resources to avoid eviction, gain employment for the dad, make school connections for their 10-year-old son and give much needed support for the pregnant mom.

Today, the dad is working more than full-time. They were able to stay in their apartment and keep their son in the same school. That was really important to them. He has made friends and his grades are much better. He told our worker he wants to go to college! The baby is due in January and they recently received a donation of a car seat, crib and stroller.

Our worker helped them complete our Adopt a Family for the Holidays application. They were thrilled when they heard they had been “adopted” by one of our sponsors. Their “Wish List” included things like diapers, baby clothes, blankets and sheets. Their son wanted some games to play with his new friends and they were relieved when our worker told them that usually the sponsors will get the items on the list.

FamilyWise was able to help them begin a new life and create hope for a brighter future.

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