Toddler & Preschool Openings!

iStock_000017170455LargeJanuary 24, 2017

FamilyWise’s First Step Early Childhood Education Center has 3 Toddler openings and 6 Preschool openings!

From February to March of 2017 all enrollment fees ($60) will be waived.

First Step will gladly accept childcare assistance and can help you navigate the paperwork!

Our early childhood education center is nationally-accredited and affordable! We’re located in the Prospect Park neighborhood of Minneapolis on the edge of University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities Campus and offer an amazing learning environment for all children from infants through preschoolers.

“The early education my twin preschoolers are receiving is great preparation for kindergarten.  My three-year-old son can already write his name!  I’m amazed by what they learn every day—letters, numbers, Spanish, science, the list goes on and on.  In addition to the academics, they’re being well prepared for how to successfully function in groups and in a school environment.  They are learning the social and group skills such as taking turns, working in groups, and taking responsibility for your body and space.

We are fortunate to have this quality education in a safe, nurturing and small program.  I never worry that my kids will get lost in the crowd as in some big programs. Above all, I appreciate the love and care they show our kids!”  – Paul Smith, parent

Infants: $310 per week (3:1 child to teacher ratio)
Toddler: $260 per week (6:1 child to teacher ratio)
Preschool: $230 per week (7:1 child to teacher ratio)

To schedule a tour, contact Bea Pfeiffer, Child Development Services Manager via email or at 612.877.7821.

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