The Quilters of Braham

November 27, 2015

FamilyWise Minneapolis Braham MN Braham Evangelical Lutheran Church QuiltersIt wouldn’t be the holidays at FamilyWise without a visit from Judy and Don Parson!

The Parsons are from Braham, MN – a small town of 1,789 located just under 60 miles north of the Twin Cities. Years ago, when Don was working in construction, one of his projects was the renovation of our main office at University Avenue Southeast.

After the project wrapped up and he had learned more about what goes on at FamilyWise, he says he was inspired. Don’s wife Judy was part of the quilting group at their local church. When he returned to Braham, Don told his wife “I bet those families could sure use some quilts.”

Every year since Don spoke those words, The Quilters of Braham Evangelical Lutheran Church have gone to work on behalf of our families. Five volunteers – the youngest 77, the oldest 85 – sit down together every other week for a full year to produce dozens of beautifully hand-crafted quilts. These lovely creations find their way into the homes of those in need and “bring a little cheer of the season”, as Judy says.

So a tradition was born and this year FamilyWise proudly received these special quilts for our families.  A very special thank you to Don and Judy Parson and The Quilters of Braham Evangelical Lutheran Church! Happy Holidays!

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