Our PSOP program helped Lenda to find and utilize community resources.

Lenda came to Minnesota with no resources. When her daughter didn’t have gym clothes, a teacher referred them to FamilyWise. One of our Parent Support Specialists connected her with all kinds of resources to get the things they needed and had been going without. Life got a lot easier for Lenda. Her Family Specialist helped her get training to become a nursing assistant! Lenda is so proud of her certificate because it means she is empowered to take care of herself and her family without outside help.

Lenda and her children live in Blaine. Their only method of transportation was walking. It took a long time to get to the store or to and from school. If Lenda’s son missed the bus to school, their only option was to walk. She tried to get them a bike at good will. “I remember we had to go buy one bike from good will. We had to carry the bike back to good will, basically lift the bike back to good will because it wasn’t even moving.” Lenda’s Family Specialist found a community resource that would make getting around easier for them, and Lenda’s family was approved for 3 new bikes! Now she doesn’t have to plan half a day for going to the store.

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